A downloadable game for Windows

Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Horror, Pixel Art, slavic, Stealth

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Close the windows! Lock the doors! It lurks in the shadows, it smells your fear and its eyes are filled with endless hunger! Now run! Run for your life as the CHORT himself came out of darkness for our souls!!!

  • [WASD] for move
  • [LMB] for attack
  • [Shift] for sprint (breaks stealth while sprinting)
  • [E] to feast on bodies

You are CHORT, a slavic evil spirit. There are humans scattered around the map somewhere, They didnt noticed you yet. Now go and slay them all! But do it quick as your hunger increases every second, and only fresh blood can stop it for a while.

Tip: Humans have a pretty short detection radius while you are stealthed. Try to approach them unseen, and the moment they notice you, go sprint and attack! You also can try to make use of surrounding environment by approaching humans from different sides, making their runaway harder.


Late Dinner.exe 15 MB


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Awesome. This has great potential, i would like to see a version of this with more levels and Chort abilities.
Очень круто. У этой игры есть большой потенциал, хотелось бы увидеть больше уровней и способностей Черта.

Incredible concept and much potential! Would love to see a complete version of it with more content and maybe a "darker" feeling. Kinda gave me a Hotline Miami vibe wicht is a pretty good thing, however after trying to kill 15/15 people 6 times i felt some lack of reward. In general i would say 8/10, pixel art is PERFECT!


Very good game. I get little of doom vibe (slashing and music). good job.


Killed em all, non-royalty free music makes me go oof though!